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Mid-life Awakening
A series of groups to explore, redefine and embrace soul purpose 

 Many of us don't have role models or see ourselves reflected in ways that resonate or inspire. A culture focused on youth and appearance can easily lead to a feeling of invisibility. The truth is, mid-life is a little known secret of super power strength just waiting to be tapped, a potent and rich time to activate what has been patiently laying in wait for you to embrace.

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What Now?
The Second Postpartum,
the Reinvention of Self

When I navigated my daughter's transition to college I was struck by the parallels of when she was a newborn. I struggled to understand or soothe her emotional rollercoaster, sort through the overwhelm of well-intentioned college counselors and peer advice, and I wasn't sleeping. Much like her first day of kindergarten I felt the ache of our pending separation. I had fully embraced my role as guardian of this beautiful soul but had little guidance to hold this next phase of parenting, and of myself. Now what? No "mommy and me" or breast feeding groups this time. How do we wean and reconstitute our systems after years of nurturance and availability, then bring ourselves into balance with this season of our life. I believe this to be a fertile time for transformation, rich in possibility and potential. What Now?  is a group that offers you a soft landing and a supportive space to align with what's next.

This group will support you to:

  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with your current self

  • Identify and reignite your creativity

  • Consider the narratives, beliefs you have about middle-age and update them

  • Explore what you put on hold for this chapter

  • Activate the life you dream of

The details...

What Now?


Where: In person at 3363 Sacramento Street in San Francisco

When:  Tuesday's from 6:30-8pm 



 Cost for the 3 week session is $175 and is due before the first meeting. 

Space is limited so reserve your space soon!

Session One


3/5, 3/12, 3/19

Session Two


4/2, 4/9, 4/16

Session Three


5/1, 5/8, 5/15

The Second Postpartum, 
the Reinvention of Self

Thanks for joining!

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